Bizarre Backpacks

backpack collage     It’s back to school season, which basically means back to crazy schedules and homework overload. Start the new school year with a fresh backpack. Try some of these fun patterns that reflect your individual style. Personally, I’m into the floral print paired with a edgy outfit. Together they have the perfect combination of feimine and badass.

-Katlyn Marie

Michelle FAWN


Some of you may know Michelle Phan as the fabulous makeup guru on youtube who gives fun tutorials, sassy DIY’s, and helpful advice for young women on the internet. This accidental millionaire has her hands full making youtube videos, being spokes person for  makeup brand Lancome, a partner with GlamHouse for Evereden jewelry, and flying back and forth from her home in New York to her work in San Francisco for a company called ipsy. Michelle is the founder of a beauty company called ipsy which sells a monthly glam bag full of exciting new products. Now she is launching a new channel on youtube titled Fawn. Besides being a clever homophone with Michelle’s last name, Fawn stands for For All Women Network. The channel has videos that covers topics such as fashion, beauty, travel, culture, and confidence.  If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the channel.


Here are two fashion videos from the channel! Enjoy!

-Katlyn Marie

Jelly’s Summer Comeback

When looking back on memorable trends from the 90′s, styles such as overalls, choker necklaces, and jelly sandals come to mind. As surprising as it sounds, staple pieces from the 90′s are starting to make it’s way back to today. For example, jelly sandals. Although, they probably aren’t the same jelly sandals you had in mind (or even wore as a child):

Designers such as Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, and Mel by Melissa are recreating this much loved past trend. Here are the top six jelly shoes that will give you a blast from the past but with a new modern spin.

Jelly Sandals


1. Calvin Klein Jaelee Black Jelly

2.Mel for Fover21 Studded Sandals

3. Mel by Melissa Mel Macadamia Neon Yellow

4 Mel by Melissa for Jcrew T-strap Sandals 

5. Stuart Weitzman Nifty Studded Jelly T-Strap Sandals

6. Michael Kors MK Plate Jelly

Jelly sandals are a summer favorite because of the durable material that that can survive through almost anything, and the multiple fun colors and the unique designs. Let me know in the comments below if you will be trying out jelly’s this summer!

-Katlyn Marie

How to Handle the Heat

Hey everyone! First off, I want to apologize for not posting in a while. I guess you could say I had that terrible illiness which every writer experiences some point in their life.  Yes…I had writer’s block! (DUN DUN DUNNN) But enough with the excuses and lets move on with today’s post.

Although sunshine can be wonderful by giving off vitamin D to our body which strengthens our bones and immune system, it can also be harmful. Too much exposure to the sunlight may cause skin cancer and dehydration. Along with lathering up on sunscreen and drinking plenty of water, here are a few extra ways to handle the heat from a long day outdoors.

 UV Sun Signals Sensor Stickers are designed to notify you that it’s time to reapply another coat of sunscreen. As the day goes on the UVA and UVB rays cause the sticker to change from yellow to a blood orange. These are easy to stick on clothing and or skin because they are durable and water resistant.

Round protect skin

Another way to protect your skin is by wearing sunscreen lip balm. A sun burnt lip has a continuous painful ”chapped” sensation until the burn heals. Especially if you wear lip gloss regularly, sunscreen is extremely important because the glossy coat [on your lips] is a reflector to the light causing your lips to burn more easily.  [Image: Mary Kay® Sun Care Lip Protector Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15]


If you are makeup lover, like myself, in the summer time the sweat and the heat causes you’re makeup to slide off you’re face. To avoid looking like a raccoon by the end of the day [from the smudged eye liner] try Urban Decay’s All Nighter Spray at Sephora. all night spray urban decay

   The most important area to keep away from the sun rays are your eyes. Protect your eyes from the harsh solar rays and wear sunglasses. Eye damages that have been linked to over exposure of the sunlight include cataracts, macular degeneration and temporary vision loss. Here are the top six trends of sunglasses styles this summer.

Sunnies 2                       1. Glamorous Diva   2. 70′s Circles  3.Floral Flare

                       4.Heart Shaped Frame   5. Cat Eye   6. Aviators

favorite sun protection

And I thought I would share my favorite pair of sunglasses I bought from Urban Outfitters. They are brown and black spotted with a vintage feel to them. I will be posting soon again soon!

-Katlyn Marie





Great Gatsby Fashion

I have been just dying to see the movie “The Great Gatsby,” that just rolled into theaters last friday. The film is about Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) in the 1922 as he leaves his home and comes to New York City. Nick moves in next door to Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) who is a mysterious, party-giving millionaire, and his cousin, Daisy (Carey Mulligan), and her cold husband, Tom Buchanan (Joel Edgerton). Nick is drawn into the world of the super rich illusions. As Nick bears witness, within and without of the world he inhabits, he catches a glimpse of impossible love, mind blowing dreams and tragedy, and reflects to our own modern times.

In this short clip you will get an inside scoop upon the saucy 1920′s costume(s) in the film,”The Great Gatsby.” This includes an interview with the designer herself, Catherine Martin, as she speaks about her collaboration with Mui Mui and Prada.



-Katlyn Marie



3 Simple Ready To Wear Hair Styles

Hey everyone!

This is Grace! She is a family friend of mine who knows quite a bit about hairstyles. Today I will be sharing her top three “go to” looks when it comes to hair.

Sophisticated Side Braid

Fun Side Braid

This is a cute and easy hairstyle for girls with longer hair. This look can be worn either to school or to work. It’s sophisticated yet fashionable. Who doesn’t want that?!

Difficulty Scale(1-10) : 7

What you need: braiding skills, hair tie, bobby pins

Flirty Curls

Delicate Curls

 These girly luscious curls are perfect for those special occasions, or simply if you are mood to dress up. Although this is more of a easier hairstyle, it is pretty time consuming if you have straight hair. So plan enough time to do your curls before an event!

Difficulty Scale (1-10) :   4

What you need:  curling iron, strong hairspray, bobby pins or hair clips


  Beautiful Bows

Big Bow
Before anyone asks, yes this is her real hair. It is possible to magically turn your hair into a bow. This fabulous hairstyle would look wonderful for a party or a night out, yet it’s just as wearable to school or work.
 Difficultly Scale (1-10) : 8
What you need:  hair ties, bobby pins or clips, hairspray, and a glitter headband (optional)

If anyone wants a tutorial on one of these three looks, please leave a comment below.

-Katlyn Marie

6 Ways To Brighten Up Your Room

Are you tired of your same old decor that you’ve had in your bedroom for years? Here are six simple ways to brighten and organize your room, without spending too much money.

1. Bedspread- You might find yourself suprised of how much a bedspread can change the vibe of a bedroom. Therefore, it’s important to pick a spread that matches your personality. I invested in this teen vouge comforter because it’s cute and reversable. I can just flip over the sheets when I want to mix things bed spread


2. Above Headboard Decor-  This gives your room that extra flare of personality. Also it’s something from keeping your walls looking bare. It could be something as simple as hanging art, posters, or photographs above your bed.headboard decoration


3. Cute Storage-  To keep your room looking less cluttered you can use storage bins. I recommend buying or making decorated ones, especially if they are going to be laying around your room or on top of shelves. Colored or decorated storage has more of a clean look as oppose to clear bins. fun storage bins


4. Flowers- Personally, I love using flowers as a way to brighten up my room. Although, I perfer buying fake flowers because in the long run they are way cheaper than real flowers. Fake flowers never die and they have a variety of colors and sizes you can purchase at your local craft


5. Photo Collages-  If you have an empty wall that you just don’t know what to do with, I recommend personalized collages. They can be of your and your friends, family, or photos matching the theme of your room. Since I love photography, I took pictures of these beautiful flowers around my neighborhood and made a collage. I bought the frames at the dollar store and spray painted them white. Lastly, I hung each photo with a nail and hammer.wall arangement


6. Magazine/Book Shelf- This is a helpful shelf organizer to have, especially if you are in school and you don’t know where to store your books after school hours. Personally, I find it useful because I know where everything is and I don’t have to search under beds and closets to find missing books or

Hope you enjoyed!

-Katlyn Marie




Blue Skies and Sunshine



Spring is finally here, for real! Although you might want to clean out your closet and put your winter clothes into storage, hold on right there. You can make your dark winter clothes work for the spring and summer by adding a pop of color such as bright chunky jewelry, pastel skirts or shorts, or even neon colored shoes.

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

-Katlyn Marie 




So I was looking through the Urban Outfitters blog, and I stumbled across this music video called, “Blew My Mind.” I basically fell head over heels in love! It has a unique upbeat tone that almost catches you off guard. The lyrics are sweet, thoughtful, and quirky. The two alternative music artists, Timothy and Jared, came together and formed their band titled ”Dresses.” You can purchase their full album this summer on itunes.

Check out their site at:

-Katlyn Marie

Weekend in the Windy City


A few weeks back, I was fortunate enough to spend a long weekend in the windy city. My family and I had the opportunity to visit Columbia; an extraordinary liberal art college in the heart of Chicago. While there, we were given information about the schools fashion and journalism programs. Also, we were able veiw students impressive sketches, portfolios, and fashion designs. The most astonishing part of it all was touring the research center and study collection. The research center consisted books, magazines, journals and other materials related to fashion history labeled as early as 1860.


The study collection, also known as “the vault” by regulars, includes a large variety of garments sorted into categories labeled: designer, historic, and ethinic fashion. The designer collection contains with nearly 400 articles of clothing and accessories from designers both national and international.

The historic collection consists of everyday and special occasion clothing from the 19th and 20th century. Styles such as athletic wear, uniforms, wedding dresses and more. This provides visual history of the evolution of fashion and cultural styles.

Lastly, the ethinic collection includes contemporary, historic, everyday, and traditional garments from several different cultures. This was added to the study collection in 1992, and represents the wide range of materials, textiles, and techniques used around the world.

Thanks to Columbia I had a fantastic time in Chicago learning about the history of fashion and a sneak preview to what is to come from future designers.

-Katlyn Marie